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NetworkThe involvement as an EURO-NET antenna (having a EURO-NET “Country name”) means in practical terms:

- To use the EURO-NET NETWORK logo and to have a subtitle as EURO-NET “Country” (e.g. EURO-NET Poland).

- To have a space dedicated into network website.

- To have the opportunity to apply for various annual projects to be developed in cooperation with EURO-NET headquarter.

- To receive frequent information about opportunities and initiatives that can be developed by each antenna. - To increase the possibilities of cooperation and partnership.

- To write in your own website that you are member of the Network.

- To have the possibility to subscribe e-learning courses on EURO-NET web-platform (at the moment in construction) upon the payment of a particular fee that will be decided each time according with the course.

To become an antenna each interested organism has to sign a bilateral agreement with EURO-NET (the coordinator of EURO-NET Network).

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